Bit of encouragementWed, 23rd Feb '11, 10:25 am::

I think everyone is capable of doing almost anything they want - they just need a little encouragement. I have friends who can manage a hundred-thousand servers but become catatonic when asking for a raise. I have family members who can plan a hundred weddings but feel insecure when signing a rental agreement. I can see what they are capable of and yet they seem so queasy to just go for it. I used to have no tolerance for such anxiety but I've realized that it's not a sign of weakness to be nervous but rather a call for validation.

Nobody wants to screw up and they just want a little bit of encouragement to tell them that it's ok and that they're doing the right thing. Most importantly, they want this encouragement from people whose opinions they value. They just need a little push to do amazing things and I feel fortunate when I am given the opportunity to nudge them in the right direction.

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