Forget about it...Tue, 29th May '12, 11:50 pm::

I was watching Stargate Atlantis earlier today and came across this quote: "I try not to let the things I can't change bother me." I think our own minds bother us a lot more than the words and action of others. Hearing a hurtful taunt or a snide remark takes a mere moment but replaying that incident over and over in our mind can hurt us for months and years.

I've become pretty good at letting go of negative thoughts and feelings over the years but the quote reminded me that there is still room for me to grow. While I'm pretty impervious to social pressures and drama, I'm still not good at forgetting things I don't want to remember which in turn means I continue to be bothered by things I cannot change.

I think that is because I continue to assign a strong emotional value to memories, regardless of whether they are positive or negative. The less emotional emphasis I place on an incident or action, the faster it slips out of my mind. Reminds me of the Fight Club quip: "The ability to let that which does not matter truly slide."

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