KType FreeSun, 12th Aug '12, 7:25 pm::

After months of coding, I finally released KType Free. If you have an iPad, you should download it right away. The free version is identical to KType Pro, except for the voice quality. For KType Free, I used the freely available OpenEars library which embeds the CMU Flite text-to-speech engine. For KType Pro, released over six months ago, I licensed a commercial text-to-speech engine that offers realistic human voices.

With the release of KType Free, I'm hoping that those who cannot afford the cost KType Pro's superior audio quality, can still benefit from all the other features that KType offers. Additionally, now people can try out the KType interface at no cost and if they like it, upgrade to the Pro version for better voice quality.

It's been less than a day since KType Free has been available on the Apple iPad AppStore and I've already got tons of downloads and emails from potential users! Over the next few weeks, I want to make tutorials and get in touch with more potential users.

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