Voting with sugarTue, 6th Nov '12, 12:55 pm::

Today is the US Election day and since I can't vote yet, I've decided to cast my ballot in a more delicious way. A local bakery here in Florida: Frida's Cafe is selling Obama and Romney cookies. According to the owner Frida, their election day cookie sales correctly predicted the elections in 2000, 2004, and 2008. I can't wait till Juliet gets home so we can go "vote". After the election results come in tonight, I will post if their cookie-sales-based predictions were correct or not.

Edit at 11:50pm: Frida's cookie sales predicted Obama won (Obama 2750 cookies, Romney 2470 cookies). And now all the TV channels are calling the election a victory for Obama. So Frida's cookie sales continue their successful streak of prediction.

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