Introducing the Glorious Game of Scrabble-Ping-PongTue, 27th Nov '12, 12:25 pm::

Last night we invented the Glorious Game of Scrabble-Ping-Pong. Similar to the famed sport of Chess-Boxing but far less painful, Scrabble-Ping-Pong is a game of speed, quick thinking, and real-time strategy.

The Rules of Scrabble-Ping-Pong are as follows:

  1. Round 1: Two alternating moves of Scrabble per player.
  2. Round 2: Five serves of Ping-Pong per player.
  3. First player to get 200 points in Scrabble OR 25 points in Ping-Pong is declared the winner.
  4. Alternate between rounds of Scrabble and Ping-Pong until either player wins.
  5. Local rules of Scrabble and Ping-Pong apply.
  6. Each move in Scrabble is timed and given at most 2 minutes.
  7. No breaks or rest intervals between rounds of Scrabble and Ping-Pong.
  8. Live scoreboard must be clearly visible to both players at all times to enable dynamic strategizing.
  9. In case of a tie in one game, the winner is declared based on the other game.
  10. In case of a tie in both games, feel free to make up your own tie-breakers.

Our scoreboard from last night, colorfully filled-in by Juliet, is shown below:

Here's our Scrabble board:

I can't wait till the next Glorious Game of Scrabble-Ping-Pong!

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