Fri, 1st Feb '02, 1:05 am::

Sometimes people ask me if I miss my family. I say ya... a lot. Sometimes they can't understand how I can miss my family if I'm having so much fun and have such a great life here. I can write a 10000 word essay on why I miss my family... but I can say the same... by showing them this tiny little online convo that took place between me (Chirag) and my sister (Roshni):

    Roshni: ya just like that hindi movie i know that mummy loves u more than me....hahaha
    Chirag: hehehehehehehhehehehehehehe
    Chirag: :: obviously ::
    Roshni: yeah right
    Roshni: i was just joking
    Chirag: yeah right !!!!!!
    Chirag: everyone loves me more than you !!!!!! except me.... i love u more than i love me.......
    Roshni: ok now time for u to go to bed
    Roshni: sleep
    Roshni: how sweet
    Chirag: lolololol
    Roshni: i love you
    Chirag: i love you too...

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