Fri, 1st Feb '02, 11:20 am::

Woooohoooo!!! God I am SOOOOOO lucky I should be in the Guinness Book of World Records!!! You know how I've been searching for a good weight/workout bench since last few days... well today I found it! This is the bench that I bought (hi-res pic for guess how much...? Well the original price is $129.99 and you can still buy it online for the same price... but I found that they had a display model which was a little scratched in one corner. So I bargained with them... and guess what? I got it for $25!!!!! That's the bestest deal I've ever made in my life! Hehehehe... It's lying right in my house... next to the main door... tonight when my uncle comes home we'll carry it downstairs (since our basement stairs are a bit tricky and I don't wanna chip off the paint by trying to carry it alone). So life's great! I got my bench at a MUCH MUCH lower price than I had imagined... oh and since I saved so much money, I bought extra weights that I was going to buy in March/April... The weights are a bit expensive $25 for 50 lbs... but it's the regular price so tis not like i'm being ripped off... ok time for web designing... ciao!

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