Thu, 7th Feb '02, 5:15 pm::

Last night I was just sooooo tired that I didn't even log on. Also I had a lot of homework to complete. I guess college is back in full swing now... study day and night non-stop. Urghhhh...

I'm in the library right now doing some research. I had a quiz today and I think I did ok. Yesterday I had a quiz and I totally messed it up :( I just hope the teacher gives partial credit. I have lots of homework to do before Monday and I guess I'll try to complete it all tonight, since I have to finish two websites soon; Friday-Saturday-Sunday I'll be @ home completing the sites. Wish I could just go out and party... but these two sites are kinda important and the deadline is approaching.

I have my Exploration in Media Sciences class within 30 mins. I hope I don't get homework in it... ;-)

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