Sun, 17th Feb '02, 10:55 pm::

There's a reason why I haven't updated my 'blog in the last few days - I was busy making websites. Check out this site that is pretty much complete from my side (the owner needs to give me more material so that I can finish it) : Safety First Driving. Tomorrow back to college.

It's really funny though. For 3 days (Fri-Sun) I feel like there's no college and I'm just home like it's summer vacation and for 4 days (Mon-Thur) I spend average of 12 hours a day in college, like I don't have a home! A schedule like this does weird stuff to one's mind and body clock. But as far as sleep and food is concerned, I only sleep for 4-5 hours max throughout the week, and forget to eat a meal every other day. I dunno why but I just don't get hungry anymore! I know I'm not anorexic or anything like that, but it's just really weird. I feel that somehow I've come to a stage in my life when food and sleep are really not important to me anymore. And yet everything I do is just so that later in my life I can sit back, stretch my legs on a comfortable lounge chair, and sleep calmly after a satisfying meal. Hehe. I wonder if that day will ever come (or even if it should ever come...) Maybe I don't want to spend the latter part of my life relaxing and retiring! I love working, learning, studying, talking. I think I'll continue to do what I'm doing forever :) Yup! That's what I'm gonna do... Keep up the job... Oh that reminds me of today's Quote for the Midnight...

Quote for the Midnight: "Why do men spend their health to gain wealth, and then try to spend their wealth to gain health?" - Anonymous.

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