Tue, 19th Feb '02, 5:25 pm::

Phew! My cuzin just let the room! Ah... I am in PAIN! Right after I made the 4:15 pm post above, she grabbed a pencil and attacked me! She threatened to poke me if I did not write whatever she wanted me to write! And since everyone knows I don't hurt girls... I was cornered with nowhere to escape!!! Help!!! My 'blog was under attack!!!

HAHAHAHA! Just kidding... She's the sweetest girl in the world :) And no I am not writing this under any pressure. But yeah, she did grab that pencil and poke me like 1000 times in the back of my neck! Ouch! Still hurts. Hehe. You see she totally adores this Hrithik Roshan guy and I always try to find an oppurtunity to make fun of him in front of her :) But that's only fair because she also constantly teases me about Preity Zinta1 ! My cuz thinks Preity2 isn't pretty! I mean come on! Preity3 is DEFINITELY pretty! LOL. You be the judge4.

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