Mon, 8th Apr '02, 9:40 am::

Woohoo! I got all the classes I wanted for my Fall 2002 semester! Yay! Since I'm in University College, I get to register for my classes BEFORE all the other regular students! Guess I'm just damn lucky... hehehehe... But oh well, it's a full load: 18 credits with 6 subjects! I'm thinking whether I should take an Honors class also or not... 21 credits *might* be an overkill. I'm not sure @ the moment... but the good thing is... honors classes never become full (I hope) so I can actually register for them just a day before Fall 2002 semester starts.

Anyway I have a big Linear Algebra exam today. I've been studying a lot. And I've also got a lot of work to finish by tonight. Urgh! I guess I'll just go to the library and study now :(

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