Sat, 13th Apr '02, 11:05 pm::

I haven't written a lot in here since the past few days. I dunno why... I had a pretty good day today and though it was kinda hot outside, the weather is sure good. I was out in the yard helping my uncle pick up all the dead leaves spread out all over. I think it was prolly the most calming activity I've had in months... I'm not a professional writer, so I can't describe it that beautifully... but it was nothing short of meditation - made me feel much calmer, clearer, and spiritual. Hehe...

My cuz and I went to pick up a good movie from Blockbuster and ended up bringing home two movies (Airplane and The Bandits), 2 for $2 KitKats, and one crazy bread w/ crazy sauce + one large cheese pizza w/ extra cheese toppings from Litte Caesars! That's $20 up in the air spent within 5 minutes flat! Damn... hehehe... but ummmmm.... the pizza was soooo worth it! I saw Airplane, had heard a lot of good things bout it, but felt kinda disappointed. I mean although it was a good movie, it wasn't as funny as I expected. We're still watching the Bandits, half completed, will see rest tomorrow. Me need sleep now. G'Nite!

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