Sun, 14th Apr '02, 2:20 pm::

Breaking News: My aunt's interview just came on AVS Tv!!! She's a dance teacher and both of her groups are participating in this year's Naya Andaz dance competition :) Junior group has my bro Sagar and in the senior group, my sis Sneh. Both the kids are REALLY good dancers and the big show is on 20th April in the State Theater of New Jersey! I can't wait for it! Oh and of course, I'm just doing some little work for the show also... like... handling the whole computerized video projection system all by myself! Hehe... I mean come on! It's always a full-family effort... right? Aunt - Dance Director, cuzins - Star Performers, myself - Video Projection, and my uncle - CEO of Applause and Cheering Corporation!

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