Wed, 24th Apr '02, 10:45 am::

So last night I was just too damn tired to explain nicely about my new site Education 411. Well for my research methodologies honors class final project, I had to make a resource that other people could use and benefit from. It doesn't have to be a website, could've just been a 10 page essay describing anything from how to open a new company to how to search a library for health related material. I decided to make a website (no surprises here huh? LOL) that guides a high-school student through the whole process of getting into a college here in US. The main reason was that my cuz Sneh is 15 and has just begun her college hunt. Basically my site should help her and all her friends find information online and offline more easily. Just fyi, I made the whole site in 10 hours flat non-stop! That's exhausting... trust me. Anyway, I have decided to keep that site up and running for as long as possible (doesn't cost me anything, except my time, which by the way is now $20/hr. Haha!) If you are a high school student planning to go to college then I would highly recommend you to check it out, not because it's my site, but because it is indeed helpful and informative. Well I've taken a LOT from the Internet. It's about time I contributed something.

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