Wed, 17th Jul '02, 4:10 pm::

I can't believe I literally forgot to write my 'blog yesterday. Oh well, I've been busy. I got my new job and so I'm @ work all day. Nowadays I leave the house @ 7:45 am and come back @ 6-7 pm. Today I came back early cuz tomorrow morning I leave for Chicago and I'm the World's biggest last-minte packer! A 3rd cuzin of mine is gettin married and we're all going to attend all the functions and then go on a 2-3 day tour of Chicago and quite possibly Wisconsin :)

It's quite hot here these days, almost between 90-100F (32-37C). Thank God for the wonderful 100 year old technology - Air conditioner!

Anyways I've become quite a regular person these days. I wake up early, go to bed early (hey 11 pm is EARLY for me) and just chill out in the evenings @ home, in front of the TV :) I like summer. (hmmm why do I sound more and more like a 12 yr old writing his diary! lol. I think it's the heat.)

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