Thu, 25th Jul '02, 11:25 am::

I'm back! I have sooooo many things to say, so many stories to share, and so many good news to give... alas I have so little time. Chicago was prolly the biggest surprise in years for me. I never thought I would have SO much fun there, meet so many cool people, and actually enjoy day/night non-stop! It was my 2nd cuzin's (not 3rd) wedding and I met tons and tons of family and distant relatives. Me and my cuz Sagar also participated in a small dance routine that the girls from the groom's side were presenting on the Reception night. What surprised me the most was how warm and nice the people from Chicago were. Feels good to make new friends :)

After the wedding, we went sightseeing in downtown Chicago and we saw pretty much everything! I got some great pics from John Hancock tower. I'll post more details later on.

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