Sun, 28th Jul '02, 8:20 pm::

I just got back from New Brunswick Train Station - had gone there to drop off Purvi. Ah today was yet another peaceful day. Didn't do much except play tennis and clean the garage. In tennis it was Sneh & Purvi vs. Sagar and me. Guess who won? Hehe. Sagar 'n Me! Don't ask me how, 'cuz both the girls practice often and neither of us guys ever plays tennis. I think I might start playing more (as soon as it gets a little colder cuz it's damn hot 'n humid these days). Tomorrow's gonna be 95-100F! That's hotter than Mumbai and Calcutta!

I just repartitioned my hard drives and was checking out all the stuff I brought from my sis and cuzin's hard drives in India. There's soooooo much stuff I have to organize now... ahhhhhh. Anyways back to work tomorrow :) I like my work. So me look forward to it.

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