Mon, 29th Jul '02, 11:30 pm::

WOW! The more I talk about this movie, the less it seems... It's beyond doubt a great movie. Before seeing this movie, I was kinda apprehensive that the movie might be a big flop but thank god it isn't. I dunno how good/bad it is doing in the theatres in India but it looks like it should be a big hit.

Guess I'll call it a night now. Days are kinda short when you work full-time. I wake up, go to work, come back home, water the lawn a bit, have dinner, and go to bed. Life's decent. Can't wait till college starts though.

Song for the night: "She hates me" - Puddle of Mudd (Oh this is just a song I like... has no reference to anyone or anything going on in my life)

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