Sat, 7th Sep '02, 7:35 pm::

Fall's here! I dunno if the leaves are falling or if the world's gonna turn golden 'n brown, but I do know that I can hardly breathe right now. Yeah, my nose's all blocked and my mouth feels sore - stuff that happens to my pretty much every fall/winter. Urgh.

Oh and I managed to almost kill myself 4 times in the shower today! First I almost slipped when I stepped in, then I bumped my head on the wall while turn on the shower, then I almost slipped while trying to reach for the soap, and of course I almost knocked myself over the edge when I tried to get out of the shower. WHY? Cuz it was damn freezing and my legs were shaking! Shaking legs = bad balance! Why legs shaking? Same reason as above: Fall/Winter -> too damn cold already! AHHHHHHH I love it. Hehe.

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