Sun, 8th Sep '02, 4:05 pm::

Just finished the homework for my Physics 203 class. This is one expensive class though. First the book is damn expensive, then every student has to pay $8.50 to use the online automated homework handin system: WebAssign, and on top of that everyone has to buy a Personal Response System (PRS) for in-class uses. But it's all pretty cool though. I mean I don't have to write anything anymore for my homework. I can just go online and type it in and it's automatically graded and I instantly know how good/bad I did. Plus I have 6 chances for each assignment, so even if I make an error, I can correct it in the next 5 tries. And the PRS's pretty cool too. It's just like the "I'd like to Ask-the-Audience" Lifeline from the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire show. The teacher shows a question with 4 possible answers on a big screen and everyone picks the correct one using their PRS remotes. Of course, nobody makes any moolah (except the company that manufactures PRS), but well the ones who answered it correctly prolly get some good grades. Hehe. Here's a partial list of PRS users in US and around the world. Boy that's a long list.

Oh and by the way check out the insider facts about the Millionaire show. They say the Indian version of the show, hosted by the Amitabh Bachchan has broken all TV records nation-wide. Also interesting to note that in Russia, the contestants don't use the "Ask-the-Audience Lifeline" often because "the Russian studio audience tries to give contestants the wrong answers." Wow. Why am I not surprised! Haha.

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