Wed, 18th Sep '02, 11:55 pm::

Scary News: Last month I found out that there's a big cavity in my left upper molar. So today I got the cavity cleaned and temporarily filled. Cost me $85 for a 3D X-ray and one filling! Urgh. Damn dentists are expensive. But the good thing is, the dentist is right next to our store, and she's really nice and actually charged me just 50% of what her usual rates are! So instead of $85, if I went to someone else, I'd have been charged $150-200. Of course, if I was in India, it would've cost a tenth of it. Oh well. Let's hope I don't have to get a root-canal. Urgh, icky stuff. The good thing is, I'm not in any pain or anything; fortunately I got this cavity patched up in time.

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