Tue, 24th Sep '02, 9:30 am::

Just deposited lotsa money into my bank a/c via ATM :) Feeling all rich *for the moment* And also pretty stupid, because I don't know what the pin for my other ATM card is! That's just so damn dumb of me! If I knew the pin, I could've deposited this big fat check that I got and bought myself my dream LCD. Instead now I'll have to go through the hell that the banking system is, and try to figure out how to reset my ATM pin. Oh well, it won't be that bad either, cuz I've never ever used the other ATM card, meaning they'll prolly change/reset it for me instantly. Let's hope.

Got lotsa classes today and after that designing a new site, actually 3 new sites this week. So life's good. School's ok, not tooooo much studies @ the moment. Just gotta remember when to do the web homework etc. Nuttin else.

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