Fri, 6th Dec '02, 3:00 pm::

I'm all tired right now. Still recovering from yesterday's 2-hour snow-football game w/ the guys. I was w/ my buddy Steve and @ 4 pm we decided that rather than be stuck in his apt., we should go out and play in the snow. So we went over to the Busch football fields and joined the 15-16 guys playing football. Ahhhhh it was good :) My whole body's sore though, after all it was tackle football! Hehe.

After the game, we watched Discovery Channel & funny movies on TBS Superstation all night. He's a really smart guy and likes stuff on Discovery like me. Oh and just before midnight we ordered pizza! Mmmmmmm. Cheese pizza = Good!

Ok, work now. Tonight I gotta study w/ the guys 'n girls from my economics class.

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