Fri, 27th Dec '02, 5:45 pm::

I am VERY nervous right now. I just gave an 'interview' to the current residents of 53 Morrell Street. They seemed to be really nice people, all in their twenties, studying and working. I checked out the place and it's pretty nice & clean. There's only one problem though: two-three other people want the same room as me! So now it's like a contest and they will all decide whom to pick.

I am a good salesman when it comes to selling my work. But sadly, I realize that I'm not too good in selling myself. I know I'm nice and everything, but when it comes for people to select me based upon my behaviour, personality, and appearance, I really don't think I fare too well. They'll let me know if I get the place or not in 4-5 hours. So till then, I'm gonna hold my breath and hope for the best. The ball is in their court and there's not much I can do about it.

As I type this, I realize there's an interesting thing going on with this 'blog. If you are reading this before I wrote my next 'blog entry, then you are in the same boat as me - anxious to know if I will get it or not. But if you are reading this 10 hours from now, then I've most probably written whether I got the place or not. So to you this line is just one extra line you will have to read before you know the result. For me, it seems like the longest line that I've ever had to write.

Oh well, on a different note (and a much happier note), I GOT A 4.0! I did it again and don't ask me how! I got six A's :) in all my classes. I was nervous about Physics and Computer Architecture but I did really good in the final exams of both the classes. So this teaches me that last night cramming actually works for me! I am extremely happy with my results. Phew. Glad I didn't get a sore B in any class. Hehe.

Ok, so now I get back to being all nervous again. As my old man always says: Hope for the best and prepare for the worst!

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