Fri, 27th Dec '02, 6:20 pm::

Here's a pretty good article about 'blogging for employees who sometimes 'blog about their work. Personally, while I do talk about my work often (like TOO much work, or work's going great), I make sure that I never ever give out any confidential information like full names of the people I work with, names/descriptions of any projects in detail, or anything that might end up breaking the confidentiality agreement that I signed when I got the job. But well there's a lot of people (or in my words : MORONS) who think that they can crib about their job in their 'blogs as if it's a personal diary and nobody's gonna ever read it. Hello??? This is the damn Internet! One search in Google and everyone will find out your true feelings about your boss' wife! Hehe. So ya, if you are a fellow 'blogger, feel free to say anything you feel like about the people in your life, but just make sure you don't mention your work stuff in detail - cuz that's just heading straight into unemployment lines or worse, a lawsuit.

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