Sun, 29th Dec '02, 8:05 pm::

I CAN SKI!!!!!! Today Purvi, Priya & I went to Brighton Ski Resort and skied non-stop for over 6 hours! Of course they took the harder ski tracks while I started on the beginner's slope. At 1pm, I got a 2 hour lesson on how to make turns and swivel across the slope to slow down or stop. And then I went on the same harder slopes as Purvi & Pri! Of course, I'm still a newbie, but let me just say that I am a much better skier than a skater/rollerblader. Hehe. Plus skiing does not hurt one bit if you do it right. Rollerblading and ice-skating hurts like hell no matter what!

What really made skiing today so much fun, was that it was snowing lightly all day and that made the slope soft and fluffy, meaning, no matter how many times I fell, it didn't hurt one bit (I stopped counting after 25 falls). Anyways, after skiing, we had a nice cup of hot chocolate and some french fries. The drive home was pretty beautiful too. Actually this whole place is just too damn beautiful. I mean come on, friggin snow-covered Rockies in your backyard! How awesome is THAT!

After coming back home, we went to this Indian Wedding reception and there my aunt introduced me to one of her friends who went to Rutgers loooooong ago. He went to IIT in the 70's, came to Rutgers and did his Masters in Material Sciences. It was really interesting talking to him; while I was trying to figure out what Rutgers was like three decades ago, he was starting to become all nostalgic. Well after having two samosas, Purvi, Pri and I just drove back home (I drove!).

Ok so there is it, one more interesting relaxing vacation day. I got 6 more :)

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