Fri, 7th Mar '03, 1:25 am::

Readin' the 'blog of Mar 7, 2002, I realized my this week's kinda been good too. Sure, it's not that beautiful outside, but things are going good overall. God I can't ever forget those good ol' days :) Totally loved spring.. can't wait for it this year either...

So what's my plans for spring break? Well not Aruba or Cancun or Spain or Hawaii :( Sadly can't afford it, since I'm trying to take summer classes this year. I'm gonna work 8-4 and will chill with my friends otherwise. Prolly going somewhere cool with my buddy Art :) Might catch a movie or two with Kat. I dunno... I just hope it doesn't suck as much as last year (cuz I had toooo much work then).

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