Wed, 12th Mar '03, 1:35 am::

Tonight's dinner with Kat brought a lot of sweet memories from childhood. One of her fav. toys was (obviously) She-Ra. And mine was He-man :) I sooo miss my He-man... I wanted to be all muscle-y and bicep-y when I grew up (of course I ended up scrawny and not so strong) Oh and we talked about Glowworms! How can anyone ever forget the Glowworms? Those were some good times... Tomorrow I have my first Econometrics mid-term exam. Please, can I please go back to being a child again? Sure, it's cool to be all grown up, but I miss my days of innocence.

Yeah, I was a child of the 80's. Those were some good years... 90's basically sucked, except that I found computers... But 80's... oh my... Just think of Dr. Fad in the Fad Show!!! He's back actually. Anyone remember that? I would watch that show every time it was on. And Beyond 2000. Well Beyond 2000 is a great website now, no TV show. Ahhh nostalgia... sweet nostalgia.

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