Wed, 12th Mar '03, 2:05 am::

I wrote the above 'blog and just realized that it's funny how I could relate to the same stuff growing up as Kat did. I mean I was brought up in India for the first 20 years of my life! And yet we saw the same He-man cartoons, My Little Pony show, Thundercats, and god knows what else... I had the same toys too... Sometimes I wonder how I never felt weird settling down in US, after all it's a whole new country with a total dif. lifestyle. I guess cuz I was already exposed to most of it as I was growing up. But then I'm luckier cuz Kat and Taylor don't know about Chacha Chaudhary and Gayab Aaya. I wonder if even my sister remembers Gayab Aaya...

From this quiz:

    Q6. Which is India’s first cartoon character?
    Ans. "Gayab" and the serial was "Gayab Aaya". It was about a ghost called "Gayab" who was like "Casper".

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