Sun, 23rd Mar '03, 7:45 pm::

More fun with the search feature - on average, I use the word 'pretty', in pretty much every other 'blog entry :)

(Warning - will take very LOOOONG to load - since well, it's half of my 'blog entries ever!)

Anyways, I've been chillin' @ the student center all day now. Trying to study, but just don't feel like it. Met up with Mihir and Radhi for a while. Radhi's my cuzin Keval's old classmate - in fact she told me they studied in the same class from kindergarten right till end of high school! Pretty awesome considering I don't even have friends who've been with me for more than 3 years :( I guess that's what happens when you keep moving from one place to another every few years. Hehe.

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