Wed, 26th Mar '03, 12:55 pm::

Soon March will end and April will start. How time flies...

I got my Econometrics exam back. I did pretty well -> 90% = A :) It's not the highest in the class, but I think @ the moment I really don't care about getting the highest in all my classes, mainly cuz of the 1000 other things I've got on my head right now. Just talked to 3 of my clients this morning. I have 3 big sites to finish up before summer :)

I'm thinking of taking a web-site break this summer though - I need a breather. I'll probably work on my 'blog + main site and maintain my existing clients' sites, but no more. Plus I'll hopefully be busy all summer with my next project - On Your (OYC). I don't know if I mentioned this before, but I'm gonna work with my friend Peter, who's in California right now. He's formed a subsidiary of Chime Softwares Ltd, NJ called Chime Softwares West and we will create WAP/HDML sites under this corporation. That is websites for cellphones & other handhelds. Ya ya we all know how the bubble burst and what happened to those millionaire-wannabes who tried to shove the Internet into every crevasse of your body. Our site will be different and VERY simple. Suppose you find yourself in LA, and need to go to a good restaurant, simple surf to on your cell, and select 'LA Restaurants' from the menu. Then select your city or enter your zipcode to get a list of all restaurants in the area. Of course you can then search for the cheapest Italian restaurants using your cell phone and find who sells the most variety of pasta. OYC won't be the greatest website ever, but I think with decent advertizing, we can get 100+ hits per day and that should be enough to persuade a lot of local LA restaurants to sign up with us. Let's see how it goes. Peter's a good friend of my cuzin Purvi and I met him a few years ago in NYC and this year again in Utah. He's gonna handle all the customer/client/marketing/advertizing issues and my job is to create the site, make it work, take care of the databases.

It'll be a welcome break from my Chime.Tv work, cuz right now I handle pretty much everything from sales to marketing to technical stuff all by myself. While it's great to have so much control over my business, it's not the best model for expansion. When I wanna make CSL big, I'll have to take over either management or tech - not both. For now, I'm doing both, but as soon as I find someone who can manage CSL better than me or is better @ creating websites than me, I'd be more than willing to divide and conquer :)

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