Thu, 27th Mar '03, 1:05 pm::

Working hard all day today *tsk tsk*. Had lunch with my awesome buddy Mason. He's a big Fark/HomestarRunner/StrongBad fan! That's like my twin! Only 6 inches taller and 100lbs heavier. Hehe. When I grow up, I wanna be like Mason. Hehe...

Anywayz been talking to Amanda online today. Long time no chat. Prolly gonna get dinner w/ Angie tonight. Studying all night for my CS exam tomorrow though. So no free time :( No party either. Gotta make my stdy schedule for Fall 2003 and pick all the imp. classes. Ahhhhh. And I gotta pay $3500 before May 8th for summer classes. Right now I only have like $1500. Cash advances anyone? Ok back to work.

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