Sat, 29th Mar '03, 4:15 pm::

What a beautiful day... to LOSE HALF YOUR EMAILS!!!! I am sooooooo angry right now. Stupid stupid stupid computer! Ok here's what happened. Last night I printed out a couple of things and left the printer on. Then I ran the 'Compact All Folders' option in Outlook Express, and as it was going on, I simply turned the printer off. Nothing wrong in that, right? Hell the stupid computer crashed with a Blue Screen of Death error. I turned my pc back on and lo and behold, all the emails I had ever sent, and all the emails I had stored in my 'Rutgers' and 'Records' folders disappeared! This means I have now NO records of any of my financial data, college data, emails to clients - NOTHING! You don't see the crisis in here? Just think how would you feel if you turned of the TV and all of a sudden your living room got flooded with raw sewage! That's EXACTLY how I feel right now.

Stupid USB printers! Anyway, I had a decent backup from mid-January, so at least I got some of the stuff back. Also, all the personal + work emails that I received are in tact. It's mainly the Rutgers emails, Financial (Bank Statements, Online Purchases, Credit Card Statements etc.), and all the emails I sent to anyone after mid-Jan that's gone poof! Oh well. I guess I'll just manage somehow (and backup 7 times a week now!)

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