Mon, 12th May '03, 11:25 pm::

If I don't wake up tomorrow, then PLEASE call the cops and report the following person - Arthur Baczyk. He is 6 foot tall, Caucasian with short hair and glasses. I just found out that I got an A IN MY COMPUTER CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arthur is in the same class and awaiting his grades. He's in my room right now studying Linear Algebra for his exam tomorrow. After seeing me jump up and dance like a madman (upon receiving my professor's email regarding the grade) he gave me a very weird *look* - you know, the one full of envy, spite, and jealousy!!! So ya, I gotta be REALLY careful of him tonight.

HAHA! Just kiddin'! He's my bud :) He has another exam tomorrow - Physics, same as me. He's done with the Physics and I'm just starting. I dunno how to continue studying - I mean I'm just sooooooooo damn excited with my A in CS and 99% probability A in Econ. Of course, there's still my potential B in Math and B+ in Trauma & Literature :( And I do have to study for my Physics if I wanna get an A in that class. But anyways... I'm EXTREMELY elated right now :) Now back to studying!

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