Wed, 14th May '03, 11:40 am::

The Office Space Random Quote award for May 14th, 2003 goes to Keval Mehta. Congratulations! The lucky winner will get, umm, nothing... Prolly some peace of mind. Gotta love my cuzin though. Totally unexpected and spontaneous. Anyway here's the chat transcript:

    Keval: i'm tired of studying
    Keval: and i'm not gonna do any more
    Chirag: why
    Keval: i prolly wont
    Chirag: when did you make this decision?
    Keval: hmm
    Keval: just an hour back
    Chirag: lol really?
    Keval: yea
    Keval: i am also not gonna pay any bills
    Keval: i'm just gonna see some kung fu with my girl

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