Thu, 22nd May '03, 10:30 am::

I refuse to believe that it is May 22nd. Especially because it's so cold outside that I had to wear my winter jacket! It's 54F outside, that's 12C! In May!

Anyways all last night I was working on Uvasun site. It's still under construction, prolly for 2 months more. Rest life going on as usual. I'm pretty much working 16 hours a day this week. But since I have the Internet @ my disposal everywhere, it's not that bad. If I get bored, I take breaks etc. My projects @ my job on campus are coming up well. In addition to the Uvasun site, I gotta finish this site, this site, and this site. And of course I REALLY wanna start working on my new 'blog. Oh well... maybe in June? Or July?

Classes will start next week. Urgh. Lemme enjoy the one week of 16-hr/day vacation before that starts.

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