Thu, 18th Sep '03, 9:15 pm::

Here's a little bit of bad news. My new 160gb hard drive died. It's unreadable now and makes loud noise if I connect it. With that goes every video I had ever downloaded or ripped. Over 40 movies, 113 episodes of South Park, 50 episodes of Family Guy, and a LOT of backup data. My work is not gonna be hampered by it cuz it's on a different drive (and I have backups of my work) but I never made any backups of my videos (TOO large). So ya, and in 5 minutes Cigir was supposed to come over and see a movie with me. I'm so sad right now that I'm gonna cry. I might need to invest in a RAID fault-protection system or something. Can't live each day in fear of my data disappearing.

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