Sun, 21st Sep '03, 6:45 pm::

Went home today. We had a lunch buffet @ this Indian restaurant right behind our house, less than a 3 minute walk. Cool stuff - my uncle/aunt bought a used BMW 318i yesterday and I just took it on a quick spin with Sagar (for 30 mins hehe). Awesome stuff. It's automatic and manual/stick-shift both! Good pickup too. Only 48,000 miles, 1999 model I think.

And now I think my computer hates me. After my hard drive, it's time for my sound card to screw up. It's not entirely damaged, but for some reason the voices are all cracked up. So wasting no time, I just bought Hercules Fortissimo III 7.1 from NewEgg. So now I should be getting a new sound card in addition to a replacement hard drive (it was still under warranty). Hope things don't get any worse. Well they kinda are, I spotted 2 dead-pixels on my monitor yesterday... :(

Oh well, gotta get back to work now...

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