Wed, 24th Sep '03, 3:55 pm::

I just bought a Nokia 3595 over the phone, for free. It's $49.99 but there's a $50 rebate. Only cost is $10 shipping charge. Hopefully it should arrive in 3 days. But problem will be transferring all my phone #s from old phone to new one. A whole weekend afternoon I'm sure. The phone's really cool by the way and has tons of features, the coolest one being the ability to run Java applications. As soon as I get the phone, I'm gonna hook it up to Where is my Bus so that I can track the campus buses from my phone :-P Couldn't be more excited. Hehe.

Had a meeting @ work this morning and class later. Things going ok. Really nice weather outside. Kinda annoyed to be stuck indoors till 4:30pm.

Ok gotta get my work on now...

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