Mon, 6th Oct '03, 1:45 pm::

The season is back; the season of me getting static electricity shocks. I just got shocked for the second time in last 10 minutes after touching my monitor @ work. As much as I hate the heat during the summer, at least I don't get shocked ten times a day. Now that winter's approaching, I guess I gotta get used to not touching metal, doors, cars, and anything that can transfer static. Grrrrrrrrrr!

Anyways, just had an awesome lunch with my buddy Art, who took me to Taco Bell. That's definitely my b'day present every year since I came here. Hehe. And I discovered that my economics class @ 1:10 was cancelled. So I'm here at work till 4:30 pm. Got a lot of stuff to do though. Tata for now...

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