Mon, 10th Nov '03, 3:05 am::

Oh my God! Michael Jackson killed Kenny! You bastards! If I lived in South Park, I would probably look like the picture below. You can make yourself a South Park character too.

Digicam Pic:
Chirag in South Park

Of course this site only let you choose from a small template, so it's highly unlikely you'll make Cartman Smith. That reminds me, saw Clerks tonight. Pretty funny movie about the real life in Jersey, sometimes so real, it wasn't funny. But looks like everyone likes it too. Very snappy with the dialogues and over 50 unique characters. Shot right here in Jersey almost a decade ago in black & white. While it's not a Rotten Tomato Top 100 movie, but it had a lot of good lines. I've actually heard a lot of these dialogues quoted elsewhere. Here's a funny one:

Quote for the day: "I'm a firm believer in the philosophy of a ruling class. Especially since I rule."

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