Sun, 30th Nov '03, 3:50 am::

Just saw The Breakfast Club. Loved it. Another must-see movie. It was released in 1985. Today 18 years later, take a look at the actors who played the tough guy, the sports jock, and the nerd. As you can see, the nerd won. Hehe. But overall, it's a good movie about how people change as they grow up, and start dividing into pre-defined stereotypical classes. In 2nd grade, everybody is the same. But by 12th grade, we all know who's the smart one, who's Mr./Ms. Popular, who's going to be rich and famous, and who is going to end up in a cubicle. Most of the times, it turns out true anyway. Of course, if it doesn't turn out true, the high school reunion will be quite fun. I wonder if there'll ever be a reunion for my boarding school.

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