Sun, 18th Apr '04, 4:40 pm::

It's been a fun weekend so far. On Friday I went to dinner with Chris, Tim, Becky, and Kiranj. As usual had fun. Becky, I'm so gonna buy that Yoda someday. I swear eight of them!

Last night was pretty interesting too. Finally I met Halley! She's my cousin Priya's best friend from Utah. We met at Times Square at 10pm and her friend Cassie was there too. I've been talking to Halley online for over two years now, just never met her. When I went to SLC last year, she was in Germany. We went to sbarro and I had some awesome baked ziti. Next stop was Toys R Us but it was closed. So we just walked over to Rockefeller Center and just sat there for a while. Overall we didn't do much but it was still pretty cool. Last night I found out New York City is a city that never sleeps*.

* except after 10pm!

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