Sat, 24th Jul '04, 10:20 am::

I just ran 9 miles (14.4 kms) in 1:50hrs! That's a little over 12mins/mile. I ran non-stop from 8am till 9:50am in 90F (32C) temperature without even one water break! I burnt 1162 Calories running at 5mph. That's about two small pies of pizza! Right now I can barely stand up and walk. Well I have nothing to do today other than relax and recover so all's good.

Anyways, yesterday was fun. Lynn came over @ 6 and I introduced her to the wonders of Scrabble Blast. We were supposed to go see The Bourne Supremacy at 7:40 but by the time we reached the theater, the tickets were sold out. We bought the next show, 10:10pm and decided to go chill somewhere for 3 hours.

Right outside the theater was the big Rooms To Go store. Lynn had promised me that she'll help me pick my furniture :) We walked in and within 15 minutes, we picked a beautiful living room and dining room collection. In another 20 minutes, I finalized the deal with the salesguy, put down the deposit, and signed the required paperwork. They will deliver the furniture around August 14th. Of course, lots of pictures to ensue once my living room is all setup.

So ya, that's me. Just like my dad. I walk in to a store not knowing whether I will even like what they have to offer and I walk out with a big dent in my bank balance and a huge smile :) Thanks a lot Lynn.

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