Wed, 11th Aug '04, 3:05 pm::

More boring computer statistics. At work I'm been working on a major e-commerce website for about 4 weeks now. That's about 21 business days. Of these I mostly program for 6 hours a day. So it comes to 126 hours of raw coding. In this time I did a lot of non-coding work, like setup the database, graphics, and consulting my co-workers. I say I've put at max 100 coding hours into this project. The total lines of code I wrote in the meantime is slightly above 7,000. So that's 70 lines per hour of debugged error-free (almost) code. Since I don't comment my code, there's not a lotta filler text in it to lengthen the code.

The code is about 285kb in size. That 48 characters per minute. My lines are on average 40 characters in length. While they say it's not about lines of code, they also say that productivity CAN be measured by the number of "clean, simple, correct, well-documented lines of code per day." While each programmer has his/her own style of coding, I'd say mine is very clean, simple, and easy to understand. Hence, un-documented :) Cuz everyone knows, real programmers don't comment.

Quote for the day: "Strong typing is for people with weak memories." (If you're a girl and you understand this quote, email me :))

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