Thu, 12th Aug '04, 7:05 pm::

WE ARE SCREWED. The hurricane is 99% going to hit my county the worst. Winds will be upto 115 mph, 4"-8" rain, 10ft storm surge!!! The eye of the hurricane is supposed to hit land exactly where I live! Such an event hasn't happened in decades and just two months after I move to Florida (tomorrow being the two month anniversary), we get hit by a major category 3 hurricane.

Over 800, 000 people are being evacuated in my county!!! There is no regular gasoline available - had to buy premium grade. I've filled my bath tub with water just in case there is no water for the next few days. Half the people in my apartment complex have left. I guess the other half like me are ignoring the mandatory evacuation. I'm gonna stay in my apartment and weather the storm. My two biggest worries are my car and computer. If there is a storm surge in 10 feet, my car is absolutely screwed. Storm surge is when the ocean level rises and rushes inland. So basically with the predicted 10 feet storm surge, my car will be under 4-6 feet of water!!!

I've stocked so much food that I can survive for months. I have water and my UPS has enough juice to power a light for a couple of hours. Since the storm is hitting land 2-4pm tomorrow, it's slightly better than a midnight storm.

They say "if you don't like the weather in Florida, just wait five minutes, it'll change." I hope they're true and tomorrow turns out to be a no biggie. I really don't want this storm to hit us.

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