Wed, 25th Aug '04, 5:25 pm::

Ok so what do I look for in a girl, asked my good friend Tamara. Here's the list:

  • Likes computers, even if only slightly
  • Likes the Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, and National Geographic Channel
  • Loves Standup Comedy
  • Goes to college or graduated
  • Has a job or is seriously looking for one
  • Independent - lives by herself or with friends
  • Loves her family and adjusts well with her parents
  • Decent looking and athletic - I hate girls who are lethargic
  • No smoking, no drugs. Drinks socially
  • Not a big religious fantatic
  • Extra points for being a vegetarian

As most of my friends know, I don't mind if she's not Indian, especially considering where I live, there's hardly any Indians. So that's about it I think. As my HotOrNot profile says, I've met enough crazies, psychos, and sluts. It's time I met a nice girl that my mom would be proud of :)

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