Sun, 29th Aug '04, 12:55 pm::

Sometimes little thoughtful things almost bring tears to my eyes. Here's a postcard from my friend Becky, on a trip to Hawaii with her family:

Hawaii is more amazing than I could ever have imagined. We are on the big island now. Parts of it are very "tropical" as one would expect. We went to a botanical garden today which had more diversity of brightly colored flowers than I have ever seen before. We also saw this waterfall. As a result of the 13,000 ft volcanos there is a rain-shadow and the other side of the island is dry, and even has cactus. The terrain is also very steep. There are many sheer 500 ft cliffs which drop straight to the Pacific Ocean. Tomorrow we are going to see the active volcano at Volcanos National Park. Can't wait to show you pics! :) Becky

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