Fri, 29th Oct '04, 12:17 pm::

Here's something I posted on Fark:

When I turned 10, I thought I was the God of Basic
When I turned 12, I thought I had to learn DBase III Plus
When I turned 14, I knew C and Pascal is what I need
When I turned 16, I wanted to make Win32 GUI Apps in Visual FoxPro, VB, and C++
When I turned 18, I realized I had to learn sockets, TCP/IP, APIs
When I turned 20, I felt dumb for not knowing Python, Perl, PHP
When I turned 22, I felt sad that I knew nothing about Oracle, DB/2, TCL, LISP, Compilers
When I turned 24, I cried for I knew nothing about Linux Programming, Handheld coding, .Net/Mono, Kernel compiles.

And just now I realized that I spent a lot of time learning about computers and not enough time learning about girls.

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