Sat, 30th Oct '04, 12:15 pm::

Here I am in Virginia with my cuzin Purvi and her fiance Allen. Tomorrow is the big race. My friend Vishal emailed me to wish me best of luck. I miss him so much. This is your time to send me the last few best of luck wishes :)

Cool Stuff: If you wish to track my progress during the race, go to Marathon Tracking Page, enter your email, make up a password, and then enter my name: Mehta / Chirag. Then enter your email address (or if you're within US, your cellphone number) and you will be sent a message everytime I cross a timing point - about every 3miles/5kms. You can go to the tracking page right now to set it up and make sure you check the 'Test Now' box to give the system a test run.

Plans for today: Not much. Just gonna go to the Marathon Center (or whatever it's called) to pickup my runner's packet. Lotsa rest and some healthy food later in the night. That's about it. It feels good to be here, seeing Purvi after a while. Especially after the sad sad news my dad gave me last night. My great-grandmother passed away yesterday in Balasinor (my village-town) in Gujarat, India. She lived a very properous happy long life and as per the Indian custom, when someone lives such a fruitful life and passes away, instead of mourning their death, we celebrate their live achievements.

Last time I saw her was over two years ago. Everytime she would see me, she'd mention how she thinks of me as the most successful and talented person in our entire family. According to her, I was the incarnation of alpha-male with every good quality that a person could have. I regret the fact that I haven't called her in a long time and now it's too late. But she lived a long eventful life and saw her great-grand child, Nikita, get married to a wonderful man, Mehul. And that's what makes me smile everytime I think about her. I wish I can be so lucky so as to see my great-grandkids settle down.

I gotta take a shower now and get some food. Then we're off to get our packets :) I am sooooooooo excited right now. And come on, click on the little 'contact' button on the left and send me an email already!

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